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'Colour Vision' is a dungeon crawler where the player completes levels based off iconic locations associated with different eras. Each completed level adds one colour back to the world, to rebuild after the destruction of the colour sapping wizard lizard.



Genre: Rougelike - Action Adventure,  Team: The Leftovers (7),  

Development Time: 4 months,  Engine: Unity,  Platform: PC, 

My Roles: Producer, Gameplay Designer, Level Designer, UI/UX Designer, Team Lead

  • Team and Project Management. I assigned tasks to team members on a weekly basis, development was tracked using 'Click-Up'.

  • I created the UI designs for the game and ensured they were user friendly and concise.  

  • Level Design. I created the layouts for each level and built them using an isometric tilemap in unity.

  • Finances. I was in charge of estimating the games hypothetical revenue and required budget. 

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