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Evolution Cycle is a 2.5D fantasy-styled game that uses Power inputs from a static bike to control gameplay. You are tasked with cycling at different power outputs to overcome obstacles and traverse a once magic forest to fight the enemy and restore magic to the world.

"Run and evolve into different forms to overcome various obstacles!"



Genre: Exergame - Action Adventure,  Team: 2D4 Studios (8),  

Development Time: 4 months,  Engine: Unreal 4,  Platform: PC, 

My Roles: Producer, Gameplay Designer, QA, Team Lead

  • Team and Project Management. I created development plans and asset lists to ensure everyone knew what they were doing. I used Jira to assign tasks and curate a project backlog.

  • I was heavily involved in the initial research and concept development, determining key features and doing general risk assessment.

  • Ran all physical testing of the game, playing with the bike as a controller to analyse the game feel and check for bugs.

  • Organised and planned all team meetings and recorded minutes for the team to consult when necessary. 

  • Took charge of team correspondences via email and social channels.

  • Created initial project pitch and presented it online to client & mentors (Outplay Entertainment)

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