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‘For Hexposure’ is a fantasy styled pixel art crafting game where you play as a witch who runs a business selling potions in order to solve customers' problems. The witch aims to gain ‘Exposure’ from completing tasks successfully in order to keep her house from being taken back from their landlord.'


Genre: Casual Puzzle,  Team: Yellow Crow (7),  

Development Time: WIP,  Engine: Unity,  

Platform: PC,  My Roles: Producer, Gameplay Designer


  • Team & Project Management. I created a schedule using Jira and worked with the team to ensure development was on time and adjusted tasks as necessary. 

  • Risk Assessment. I prioritized tasks in the schedule to ensure the key features were completed first. I also undertook a competitor analysis by looking at similar existing games and analyzing how there were received. 

  • Leading meetings throughout development and creating meeting plans to ensure the necessary topics were covered in an orderly way.

  • As we took a hybrid approach to development, I created a discord server to aid with communication. I created a channel for daily stand-ups for those who could not make them in person. This ensured everyone was on the same page and allowed me to further track the projects progress. 

  • Quality Assurance. I tested the game daily to look for bugs and little things that could be polished to create a smoother overall playing experience. These were sent straight to our programmers along with being documented on Jira and Excel. 

  • Took charge of team correspondences via email and social channels.

  • Created initial pitch for DARE Academy.

  • Represented Abertay and DARE Academy at EGX London 2022, showcasing our game over the 4 days.

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